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PLP is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit programme which has been active for more than 25 years. We depend on the contributions of our members to keep the organisation running.
There are many ways to volunteer at PLP and we sincerely hope that each family can find a way to get involved. PLP is not only rewarding but offers an active and fun social network for members too.
Please do let us know of any special skills or experience which you think may be of interest to PLP. We actively recognize the importance of our volunteers, and as such all volunteers receive one (or in some cases more) free places for their children, and preference for places upon enrolment.

Here are some ways you can become involved:

Become a Teacher, Leader or Assistant

Each Playgroup session or Literacy Programme class has a teacher (or leader) and two assistants. PLP currently runs over 25 sessions or classes and we have defined positions available for each session or class.
We welcome volunteers with a teaching background but this is not at all a pre-requisite, and we have in place a structured training and support programme for new teachers/leaders and assistants. We are even proud to say that experience at PLP has prompted some of our volunteer teachers to enroll for formal teacher training and embark on a new career! For each of the session times we also have “Floating Volunteers” assigned who help with the library and other tasks to support the classes.
The majority of our volunteers have children in the programme who usually attend PLP at the same time as the volunteer; if possible we encourage potential volunteers to assist in classes other than those attended by their children.
Volunteers who commit to be a teacher/leader, assistant or floating volunteer do so for the whole academic year (Sept-June) barring unforeseen circumstances, and come to PLP each week for their class or session. For further information on becoming a teacher, leader or assistant, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or indicate your interest upon enrolment.

PLP has put in place a structured training and support programme for volunteer teachers and assistants to make teaching and assisting as much fun as possible and to reduce the preparation time required.

This includes:

  • 3 key meetings during the year to learn about PLP and the phonics programme and to share tips and ideas
  • A structured curriculum of weekly lesson plans as a basis for the classes
  • Each teacher is give tailored materials (books, stationery, games, songs etc) for use in class and as a source for homework
  • A shared forum is available containing many more materials, resources and ideas
  • A Coordinator for each Literacy level provides support and guidance to the teachers at that level
  • The Literacy Curriculum Coordinator is available for advice and support on curriculum, special needs (as far as possible) and classroom management
  • Every week all volunteers are sent an email with news, announcements and reminders.


Serve on the PLP Team

The PLP Team consists of volunteers who manage and coordinate PLP activities. A list of positions is provided below, with a brief description of the role. Many of these positions do not require attendance at PLP during the week. Open positions are actively communicated to members via email but if you have an interest in helping out in one of these capacities please contact the Director (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for more information.

  • Director: overall responsibility for the management, long term strategy and performance of PLP
  • Registrar: manages the membership aspects of PLP including enrolment
  • Treasurer: responsible for the finances, invoicing and fees
  • Secretary: responsible for scheduling key meetings and managing the logistics of the PLP Board
  • Playgroup Coordinator: responsible for the Playgroup Programme
  • Literacy Coordinator: responsible for managing the day-to-day of the Literacy Programme
  • Communications Coordinator: responsible for communications to members, parents and externally
  • Literacy Curriculum Coordinator: responsible for the content and structure of the curriculum
  • Craft Coordinator: responsible for coordinating and providing materials for the weekly playgroup/ pre-literacy craft activities
  • Library Coordinator: responsible for managing the library
  • Special Events Coordinator: responsible for coordinating PLP’s well-respected social events program
  • Newsletter Editor: responsible for producing the thrice-yearly newsletter for all members

Other key roles at PLP include:

  • Assistant librarian
  • IT administrator
  • Literacy coordinator assistant
  • Treasurer assistant
  • Snack & craft supplies buyer
  • Pre-literacy craft coordinator
  • Webmaster
  • Newsletter assistant
  • Reader coordinator
  • Communications assistant

Other ways of helping

In addition, we always welcome more general contributions: sign-up to complete specific tasks, help out at the Sports Day, contribute to the Newsletter etc. For more details on any of the roles above, please contact the Director, or Literacy or Playgroup coordinators.


Volunteers for each year are lined up during the enrolment and registration process (May-June). However vacancies also crop up during the year so please do make contact if you are interested outside of these times.

Benefits of volunteering

As you will have seen from the list above, there is a wide range of roles at PLP, drawing from the technical to the generalist. We welcome all volunteers and every year like to celebrate the achievements of our volunteers at an annual Volunteers Dinner at the end of the year. We even have Volunteer of the Year awards!
Volunteering is a great way to build a new social network, and to see the Literacy Programme in action. Our Special Events team organizes a number of social events during the year for all the family including a Christmas Party and Summer Sports Day. We also have other events, including marking World Book Day with a Sponsored Read, which in 2013 raised money for schools in Sierra Leone. In addition, we host First Aid Courses for volunteers and invite relevant and interesting speakers to PLP.
PLP also provides a supportive environment in which to get involved in education through assisting or teaching in classes. We are happy to provide references for volunteers who use PLP as a stepping-stone to a new career or back into work after a career break.