As an NGO, run entirely by volunteers, PLP membership fees are used to cover the necessary running costs of the organisation. This is why we require all members to pay a modest annual fee, in addition to the fees that relate to their choice of playgroup or literacy classes.


Benefits of membership
- Become part of an English-speaking community
- Access to all PLP events
- Use of the PLP library (English books for children)
- Join the PLP parents Facebook group to exchange advice or buy and sell items
- Come to the mum to mum group (free for all members)
- Enrol for our playgroups or literacy classes

Annual membership fee of €65.


For playgroups and literay classes

Membership fees

Annual membership                         €65

Mum to mum group                          Free to all members

Playgroup fees

Playgroup (sitting to 18 months)     €330

Playgroup (18 months to 4 years)   €360

Literacy class fees

Pre-literacy class                              €400

Literacy classes                                €460

Book fee for literacy classes           €25